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Students As Teachers

  • Mrs.Uma Mavuri
  • English Teacher

The concept of students serving as teachers to instruct, and learn from, their classmates – is revolutionizing the way students learn and engage with curriculum. This starts in classrooms. Students, projects can revolve around teaching, exchanging ideas with or offering feedback to one another.

Discussions are often initiated with “turn and talk” approach with a protocol of questioning and listening to each other.

A passion for insightful questions is instilled. Personal journals are used as a vehicle to help students understand themselves and peers when students express their visual voices, this helps others to see their thoughts.

Metacognition skills are built and strengthened from thought to paper and then to reflection that thought. Responding to feedback makes students increase their learning.

When we make it clear we are all learners, there is no stigma in admitting “I need help”, So the student becomes a teacher and a learner as a life skill.

Students will acquire :

Leadership that depends on mindset, not age.

Sense of ownership and responsibility to plan and evaluate projects.

Realization that, when teachers step back, other students have capacity to guide them.