We believe in the IIT and Integrated Concept Teaching methodology

We integrate CBSE, IIT and ICSE curriculum for concept oriented teaching to give the students a lot of scope to observe, think, link and find out for themselves the various concepts. The syllabus is supported by teacher designed work sheets, projects, group work, discussions and application based learning.

We also have designated hours assigned for exclusive IIT coaching. Our highly qualified teachers strive to simplify complex IIT concepts for students to encourage grass-roots level understanding.


We believe in holistic development

We encourage learning that is not just restricted to the classroom. Sports and other extra-curricular activities are a great way to take learning outside the classroom. The residential schools leaves the kids with ample of time to focus not just on their secular education but also on a host of other extra-curricular activities like Swimming, Skating, Dance and Karate.Physical education classes by Triumph emphasizing on experimental learning through multi-sports activities. We also take the students for local excursions to make them acquainted with the outside world better


We believe in Individual Care

Even though the school has a 3 acre campus, we have restricted the number of students to 450 as we believe in giving individual care and attention to each student.


We believe schools are second homes for children

We have taken various initiatives to make students feel at home. The food quality is excellent and the students and the management often dine together.


We Believe School Should Be As Good As Home

With over 3 acres of land with a student friendly environment, we believe in making the school as comfortable as a child's home. While the dorms are extremely comfortable, we also ensure that the classrooms are well-ventilated.Our infrastructure also boasts of a smart class facility, state-of-the-art, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Computer laboratories apart from a library full of books.


We believe in Quality Education

Apart from a well-qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching faculty, we also include educational activities like guided study hours, educational field trips, communication skill sessions,Robotics classes, dedicated IIT & Medicine foundation classes, certified computer course among others to make sure that only the highest quality of education is imparted to the students.

We also emphasize on spoken English and communication skills by subscribing to newspapers with child friendly content and a lab for English language development.