Health & Hygiene Clud :

Objectives of health and hygiene club is to bring awareness about personal hygiene, saving water, nutritious food, health awareness by conducting Eye & Dental checkup for the students, checking height & weight of the students periodically, programmes conducted to bring awareness about nutritious food. Encourage the students to bring healthy snacks. Maintaining and using First Aid Box in emergency is taught. Creating awareness about Yoga & Meditation. Encourage to use paper & cloth bags & to avoid plastic & polythene bags.





Co-curricular Activities[CCA]

CCA is the non-academic curriculum that helps the all-round development of the child, there is a need for emotional, physical, spiritual, and moral development that is complemented and supplemented by Co-curricular Activities. We conduct innovative indoor & outdoor activities like : different outdoor games & sports such as cricket, basketball, kho-kho, kabaddi, morning assembly, excursions, music & dance, art & craft, clay modeling, rangoli, tailoring, gardening, etc.





Science Club

The main objectives of science club is to trigger interest among the students in science through science experiment and also to encourage, motivate and equip the students in application of science and its interface with society & to encourage the habit of exploration. Few activities like organizing seminars, quiz, Science Day celebration, conducting Science exhibition, etc, are the part of Science Club.

Over flow water detector  

LED Blinking, Traffic Lights

Automatic street lights 

Keyboard controlled robot: Key board controlled Robot

Radar Using Arduino  

To check whether Magnesium is a acidic or basic oxide

Cultural Club

The main Objectives of Cultural Club is to bring unity among students by explaining the moral values and stories from epics, tales poems etc. Promoting awareness about different cultures by celebrating festivals of all religions in the school campus by explaining the significance and theme of the festivals. Singing Shlokas in the morning assembly, classroom prayers , lead India songs etc., develops patriotic spirit and devotional spirit for nation & to bring out the hidden talents of each child by conducting various healthy competitions.

Bathukamma Celebrations  

Krishnashtami Celebrations

Diwali Celebrations  

Independence day Celebrations

Discipline Club

The objective of disciplining any student is to help the student develop and maintain self-control, respect for others and socially acceptable behavior. All the class monitors and incharge teachers comes under discipline committee. The committee interacts with the students regularly to bring the discipline in all the areas.

Bathukamma Celebrations  

Echo Club

Echo Club Empowers students to participate and take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. It is a forum thought which students can reach out to influence engage their parents and their neighbourhood communicate to promote sound environmental behaviors.

Education Club

Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. The purpose of this club is to facilitate communication and support among students interested in the different professions. The goal is to sponsor various professional activities and social events so that the student will be able to share ideas about their profession and to interact with professionals in the field. Also, the club will provide opportunities for the children to participate in educational and volunteer work within the surrounding premises.

English Club

An English Club is a place for language learners to use English in a casual setting. Practicing the skills in the classroom is important, but it is not like real life. In an English Club, you get a chance to practice many different skills in a setting that is more like real life.

Social & Community Club

Various activities are conducted in this club to enable the students to share and motivate others to do the same, to feel the joy of giving, to come out from the taboos and social crime like child labour, doury, etc., to bring awareness among students about women education, corruption and to inculcate values among the students.